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Other than a few exceptions, my artistic talent lies within my story telling. Please take a look through my library and offer up some comments!

Stories By The Numbers

Top 5 Bellius Maximus Stories According to the Readers (as of 1/1/2017)
1. A Fine Belly - 196 Favorites
2. Belly Race - 181 Favorites
3. Secret Admirer - 176 Favorites
4. Cover Girl - 173 Favorites
5. Wishing You Were Here - 135 Favorites

About Me

WARNING: This site contains images and stories that contain sexual/fetish themes.

It's All About The Belly

I am the former owner and operator of It was a user generated story archive that seemed to be very popular in the pregnancy fetish community. I hide behind my online alias due to the fact I want to keep real life separate from my fantasy world.

Besides brainstorming creative new ideas and writing belly fetish stories I'll be saving a lot of my favorite deviations into my Favorites gallery, so please check out the other great contributors to our fetish community and praise their fine work!

Don't be surprised if I dabble in other kinks as well even though my name is Bellius :-)

Collaborations: If you are an artist and need a writer to help on a collaboration, please drop me a note. My obvious area of expertise is pregnant bellies/expansion but I might be willing to try other ideas depending on the concept.

Interests: Story Writing (Pregnancy, Belly Inflation, Alien Impregnation, MPreg) and fantasizing about Gender Transformation, Crossdressing, Pregnancy, and other kinky stuff.

Twitter: BelliusMaximus

What's been your favorite Bellius Maximus Story in 2016? 

13 deviants said The Force Is Strong With This Belly
12 deviants said No Greater Gift
8 deviants said The New Chapters of Wishing You Were Here
6 deviants said Secret Admirer
4 deviants said Harry Potter And The Belly Of Wonder
3 deviants said Eccentric Entertainment: Not Your Average Day Job
2 deviants said Something Strange In Your Neighborhood
Thought you guys might enjoy one last story for 2016, appropriately themed for New Year's Eve.  

Hope 2017 treats all of you wonderfully!

Eccentric Entertainment: Watching The Ball Drop
New Year's Eve 2016
Workers were busy preparing to position the famous Times Square ball into its final position for the New Year's festivities when one of the cranes suffered a sudden malfunction.  One of the hooks broke away from its moorings and rushed towards the fancy crystal and electronic marvel smashing into the side of it, destroying the ball in a blaze of sparks and explosions.
Onlookers gasped at the sight, including the director of the event themselves.  With a flurry of expletives he was scrambling to figure out an emergency backup.  There was no way to get a replacement ball into town in time for the midnight countdown so what was he going to do?  
An emergency contingency meeting was called and several high ranking members of the committee started hearing about possible contingency plans and tried to determine what was left as an option given how late in the game they were.
Flash forward to a young aspiring actress standing on a platform at the top of

Journal History


Had an amazing dream last night where I was transformed into a woman and then my belly began to expand slowly with multiple babies. My total fantasy!
Here's your chance to ask Bellius anything!  Anything you've ever wondered about me or my stories?  Fire away!
Debating what all directions to take "Wishing You Were Here' in as we move forward.  

I have ideas to keep it a normal, belly fetish story with the budding romance, but I also have twists in mind to take the story in a whole different direction.  I was just curious what you guys as fans of the story might prefer.  
Got a nice chunk of Wishing You Were Here - Chapter 4 written tonight.  Going to be pretty busy with family in from out of town next week so I may or may not get it done with them here.  

Either way it's nice to be making progress on stories again.  
Started writing up Chapter 3 of "Wishing You Were Here" tonight.  I know people have been waiting quite a long time to see that story get continued.  


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